Thursday, February 10, 2011

I'ma Tell You One Time.

I've been reminder for., about the third time this week, that I am, in fact, a great procrastinator.  

Right now I'm sitting (obviously in front of my computer) drinking iced coffee from Mr. Champ Coffee himself.  And my Clide book is sitting in front of me.  As if I'm actually working on it.  But you see, I have '4.2b' written on my paper, along with my name and the rest of the problems.  And that's about as successful as I've been. Not to mention I looked at linear, and the assignment for the day., well., not quite as easy as taking a walk.  
I'm also listening to J Biebs right now.  I don't care.  Haters can hate.  His lyrics are catchy.  

Welp.  Now I'm off to Vespers to praise my Jesus.  Then homework until the end of eternity.  Hopefully Nikweeta and I will get a little happenin homework party going.    

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