Wednesday, February 9, 2011

All I Want To Do Is Sleep.

My parents are coming down this weekend.  Can't. Wait.  You know., you sure gain a different appreciation of family when you hardly see them.  And my dogs., well, I can't see them yet, but hopefully Easter.  

In other news, it turns out that I'm the worst at doing homework.  And the best at eating food.  Honestly.  Stellar.  And I can drink coffee like there's no tomorrow.  But homework.  Well.  My conclusion is that I just don't want to access the thinking level that I'm required to.  So I put it off until 11pm and then realize that my brain shuts off at ten.  So., we'll be working on that.  

Also.  Today was the best.  I worked, and then escaped with Blake to her lesson.    I tried to read some math history, but ended up falling asleep on Victoria's couch.  Then, it was Qdoba, Old Navy, and Starbucks.  Nothing bad about any of those, if you ask me.  Then some putzing around in my room before the Agape meeting.  And then, I came to Julie's to make pork chops and espressos and hang out with her and Em.  

And all I really feel like doing is sitting on my comfiest couch.  Maybe cuddling my dogs, and maybe journaling.  Or perhaps, just sitting and doing nothing. 
But alas, I've paid to come to college and to smother myself in mathematics.  So, that I will do.  

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