Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pi, e, And The Square Root Of 2.

Today started on, I guess what you would call an early note.  Blake and I probably got to bed around 2am after about a half hour of scraping ice from cars, going to McDonalds, pretending to do homework for a bit, and then giggling for a solid hour.  Man, I love that girl.  

Then it was solid math time.  Finished math homework, went to math class, went to EDU where we talked about math objectives, then to the next math class.  And you know what I learned in all my math classes today?  I learned that sometimes all of my thoughts about love are as clear to me as pi, e, and the square root of two.  And that's that.  Because on Fridays, my 'math' brain isn't always the most in tact.  And my brain usually begins to wander.  So.  That's what I was thinking in linear.  But.  (This is where it gets boring if you don't like math).. .What I did actually learn was that the square root of two was the first irrational number to be discovered., and it just blew the minds of the Greeks.  The Pythagorean philosophy depended so much on whole numbers, so apparently he was banished from the Pythagorean community for discovering irrational numbers.  Crazy right? Quite the turn in mathematics.  Anyways...   

Tonight, Nikweeta and I had a roojmie date.  Obviously it turned out to be grand.  We jump jumped on Just Dance, watched Biggest Loser, and made a Moto mart run with Em and Blake.  Then she fell asleep while she was reading like the cutest thing in the entire world.  Anyways. 
Another day of being super blessed. 

My God is so good. 


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