Monday, February 14, 2011

An Ode To This Day (I Suppose).

February 14th.  Some people love this day the most.  Some people are bitter today.  Some people don't care too much either way.  For me, well, I say that while I do think it's important to show people you love them everyday of the year and not simply Valentine's Day, I think it's kinda fun to have a day set aside for roses and chocolates and i-love-yous.  Of course the world would go on without it, but it does add a nice touch.  

So. These were my two favorite/most memorable Valentine's Days.  Not to say that Valentine's Days can only be enjoyed with boyfriends, but mine coincidentally were.  Ironically enough, they happened my junior year of high school and my junior year of college.  So.  Without further adieu. . 
High school junior year, I was 'with' Boyfriend #1.  The most wonderful of them all.  Anyways.  It was in the pre-stages of dating and we were both quite shy so., I wasn't expecting anything at all.  But.  In my locker, I found a teddy bear.  Milton was skinny for a bear, golden rod, and had a cute lil bent ear.  He was holding two roses and a heart shaped candy box.  So.  That was super presh.  And soon after that, Boyfriend #1 officially became Boyfriend#1. 
Boyfriend #2 was last year.  At the time, it was the best thing.  It was a Sunday after church and Griffin (big brown bear with big brown eyes) was sitting on the couch.  He was holding 6 white roses and two bags of chocolate along with a card.  And that was when Boyfriend #2 became Boyfriend #2. 
And those were my two memorable boyfriend Valentine's Days. 

And I am single now.  And most days, I can't complain.  I've met my share of not-the-ones.  I've met my share of cuties.  And I've met the occasional maybe-not-not-the-one.  But I know the actual one is out there somewhere.  And who ever he is., I take confidence in knowing he'll be grand. 

But. I don't think we're restricted to loving only boyfriends on Valentine's Day.  After all, it's my friends who get me from day to day.  So.  Love them everyday.  And today.  

Happy day of love!

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