Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Blood Is Pretty Thick.

Not much in life is better than a family.  It's kind of funny to me, how it all works.  Families go through so much together.  They love each other, they fight, they cry together, they listen to each other, they argue with each other, they trust each other.  Nobody knows me like my family.  I rarely see my sister, but when I do, her presence alone could make a bad day grand again.  My mom and I have had our share of disagreements, but nobody can detect my 'fuzzy eyes' like she can.  [Fuzzy eyes is what she says I have when I like a boy. Or when he likes me. She's just always known these things.]  And never in my life have I encountered someone as trusting or as patient as my father.  I'm sure I've disappointed him, or he's disagreed with something, but he always finds a loving way to tell me and still supports me.  

All that being said, I got to see so much of my family this weekend and it was amazing.  Grama Wallner came on Sunday and spent the night.  I tell ya, she is a hoot.  We were talking about dogs, and she mentions her neighbors.  She says "Ohh he's a creature!.  There's a husband, a wife and a kid and that damn big dog!" Haha.  I also found out that she hates monkeys, and she thinks my pup, Snickers, is ugly.  
We had a wonderful little campfire in the back yard.  Monday, Dad and Jenna and I biked into town to see Grama and Grampa Loo.  I know there can't be much that makes Daddio happier than a bike ride with the daughters.  And my Grampa Loo's smile lights up the whole room.  Grampa's are the cutest when they laugh.  
I'm doing my best to cherish my family more.  It's a wonder how many seconds I've wasted in ridiculous moments of being upset at them, trying to prove a point, or whatnot.  And I'm bound to do it again, because I'm only human.
But they're always there.  Not in the annoying way, but in the I'll really always be here for you type of way.  And that, is grand. 

Grama Wallner.  Healthiest funniest grams alive. 

Daddio.  The most loving man.  :) 

Mama.  Such a free, loving spirit. :) 

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