Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Three Great Things.

Even though I'm miles and miles behind on homework, I still have the best life ever.  Why you ask?  Okay, I'll tell you.  I'm sitting on Julie's couch, drinking Jones cream soda, watching the Bulls game.  And homework is on the agenda for the night, so I feel productive enough about that.  To elaborate, I'll break down all this goodness.  Julie.  She's the best.  Seriously, I have no clue how I'd do life without her.  She listens to all my nonsense talk and trusts to me enough to tell me real things.  Which is great.  So that's that.  Then we've got Jones Cream Soda.  And let me tell you, it's hard to get a beverage better than that.  It reminds me of summer and campfires with my good ol' church pals.  Then we have the Chicago Bulls.  Mmm.  This year, I realized how much I missed them, so I started to watch them again.  Great choice on my behalf.  Anyways.  Props to Derrick Rose for being MVP of the NBA.  Alright, well, slowly (but surely), I'm on my way to the homework road.  

Love this lady

Yumma. Yumma. 

Derrick Rose, everyone. 
Ben Gordon. British. Beautiful. But now he plays for the Pistons.  I'll still appreciate this. 
 P.S. I have the best and funniest friends in the world. 

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