Sunday, May 15, 2011

I Could Use A Pair Of Cozy Glasses.

This is the last weekend of my first senior year.  Kinda sad that I have to have two senior years.  But, you know what, it'll be okay.  Anyways . These random thoughts sum up my weekend.  

Unimaginable.  I can't imagine living a life without my parents.  You ask them to do something, they do it.  No questions asked.  If my parents see any distress in me at all they immediately go into attack mode and would probably take down anybody in my way.  And I just can't imagine living a life without them.  

My Dean.  If you've never seen Gilmore Girls, I suggest you cancel the next week or two of your life and rent all of the seasons.  And watch them.  Shaina and I are almost done with the fourth season, and... let me just say, having the seasons at hand makes it difficult to want to get any homework done.  Anyways.  Dean is not only beautiful, but he's perfect, to say the least.  And someday, I can't wait to have my very own Dean.  

Cozy Glasses.  I have a new theory.  It's about boys when they wear glasses.  Most people that are attracted to guys with glasses think it's because they look intelligent.  And maybe, for some, it is.  But my theory is that it's because glasses make a person look all ready for bed.  Thus making cute boys look cozy and cuddly. 

Anyways.  I think that's about all I have for now.  Time to finish up some homework before the Bulls play the Heat at 8.  Then it's to Jordan's bible study panel at 9 to try and help some boys understand girls better.  And 10 is a meeting with my girls for next year.  Pretty pumped. 


  • "Almost" is the longest word with all the vowels in order. 
  • In one week, my best friend is graduating.  Sad that she won't be at Greenville next year is an understatement.  But on the plus, I know God has something great next for her.  Because she's already effected so many lives for the positive.  And the other plus is that her and I have the rest of our lives to be besties.  So I know neither of us are going anywhere. 
  • It's against the law to have a pet dog in Iceland.  Well that's that.  I'm never living there. 
  • I'm so. tired.     

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