Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day.

First, and least importantly, I'm contemplating having a breakdown.  The thing is., I'm still really behind in math.  And I didn't really care too much up until today.  When I realized that I really know nothing about 8.2 in Linear, which means I can hardly know much about 8.3.  Which.. doesn't give me too high of hopes for our upcoming Thursday test.  So.  Yea.  It's just that I have such little time left until the summer.  And as much as I want to and need to stay motivated, it's just so. hard.  

In other news, I finally went to church again this morning.  It had been a little too long.  I'd been listening to sermons online and just.. not really going to church.  But it was refreshing today.  And today is Mother's Day.  So Pastor Bill had the mothers come up and prayed for all of them.  Then all of the college students that are leaving soon came up, and he had all the mothers put a hand on us and he prayed for us.  It was pretty great.  I liked the whole pseudo-mother effect.  

In more other news, I've been thinking a lot about next year.  How I'm gonna decorate the house and whatnot.  And, I think I have a theme (in the making). 
And then over the course of the year (through Bible studies and such) we'll redefine things.  Like, go back to the basics of the Bible and figure out what it says about different things.  Like happiness, love, beauty, struggles, prayer, encouragement... and whatever else.  So yep.  That's that idea.  

Lastly then, tonight is the Agape dinner.  It shall be a good time.  I miss my finance staff and the commotion of getting everybody's merch to sell for them. Anyways.  I'm really getting ready for summer.  And by that I mean., so ready to get rid of homework stress.  

P.S. It being Mother's day and all really makes me want to be home.  Sorry I can't be with you, mama, to enjoy this day.  I can't even count the times in my life that you've been there for me with or without asking.  The times you let me use you as an excuse for anything.  The times you 'just knew' everything about boys.  The times you picked me up when I fell down.  Physically or emotionally.  I love you.  And I wish there was more I could do to let you know that. 
Love, Baby Jane.  

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