Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ta Ta For Now, Greenville.

August 2010- May 2011

It all started with Walkabout.  10 days of hiking and sweating and not showering it off.  Welcome to Reslife and being a GC student leader.  It's the best. Seriously.   

This was my Amazing Race group.  'R-C-you-at-the-finish'.  We had to do a bunch of randomness like eat ho-hos filled with mustard and baby food, dance the cha-cha slide, and apply Old Spice deodorant.  So close to 1st place.  Oh well.  Next time.     

This is my bestie, Blake.  One of very few people that I just couldn't do life without.  I hardly even have words. 

This is Rachel Dee.  She was my RC for two years and my 'boss' this year.  She graduated, which is sad, but I get to work with her this summer!  Love this lady bunches.  

This is none other than my calc buddy, Katelyn, when we went home to her house.  We found out that weekend that the world is pretty small, families could probably heal anything, and Starbucks does in fact make for a happier person.  Anyone who meets this girl is so blessed.  

Panera bread for one of a couple girls nights.  I tell ya, friends just make life so much better.  

Where do I start?  This is my luf, Nikweeta.  Best roojmie in the world.  I'm still in denial about the fact that we won't be roojmies again.  But coffee dates will be often and more amazing than anyone could expect.  And, if I didn't have this lady to talk to, to ramble to, and to tell all my nonsense theories too, I would have had a lot of lonely days this semester.  Miss ju already, luf. 

This is Shaina and my boys from Mak.  Some good times have been spent.  

Em and Blake.  Ems will be my roomie next year.  I'm pretty pumped.  These girls just made this year so much fun.  So many of my giggles were products of their hilarity.  

Pooks.  Love her bunches.  She tells great stories and listens to the best music.  And she dresses the cutest.  But besides all that, she loves me til the ends of the earth, and she lets me know it.  Wtaching her grow since we first fell in love in Tenney has been one of my greatest pleasures.  So pumped to spend all summer with this lady.   

And here's Shaina.  We do Bible Studies together, watch Gilmore Girls together, make food together, talk about everything together, and.. probably lots more things.  We get to be on staff together again next year, which is grand since I'm not quite ready to let that go.  Basically, I love her.   

Julie.  Another one of the few I'd be lost without.  She just gets me.  And she listens to all of my crap.  And I seriously would just be so freakin lost without her.  I'll sure miss you this summer, Jules.  

New Orleans trip.  Kinda changed my life.  Or at least gave me a really refreshing outlook on things.

Ahh. Agapefest Staff.  Truly a great experience. Running bands' merchandise around on go-carts turns out to be so much fun.  And, we had the best group of people.  #Financeforever. 

I was blessed to meet this lovely lady this year.  Hillary is my Math Education buddy.  She's so sweet and so wonderful.  And she's living in my house next year! Can't. Wait.

Here she is again.  Literally the best friend I've ever had.  Love her so much.  Look at that face.  How coul anyone not?

These girlies are my favorite.  Never a dull moment.  And most importantly, never a moment without love.

Here is a Bible Study that we had on mine and Nikweeta's queen sized bed.  One of the most wonderful nights by far. 

And here's my Upper Division RC staff that I spent this year with.  They're really all great, and we have so much fun.  I'll sure miss these guys. 

Thank you, GC, for another grand year. 

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  1. this whole post just made me smile and that smile jsut got bigger as I scrolled down the page :)
    I'm glad you had a great year filled with wonderful people. I also think all of them are wonderful.