Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally A Letter. Day One: Best Friend.

Dearest Blakeley, 
What even is there to say? I have absolutely NO IDEA what life would be like without you.  And honestly, I have no clue how I made it so far without you.  I am thankful for your ability to make me (and everyone) laugh.  You bring the hugest ray of sunshine everywhere you go.  The fact that you're so funny would make me believe that you wouldn't think I ever had anything funny to say, but you do, and I love that too.  
Aside from your humor, you have the ability to love.  Seriously Beaks, it's almost like your heart is bigger than any other humans'.  You love me on my good days.  You love me when I'm the crabbiest.  You forgive me almost instantly when I mess up, and you make me happy on my sad days.  
I remember that one time we went for a photo walk and decided that we were the reason people got married.  
I remember that one time we unpacked our room stuff to the musical styling of Kanye.. Break break break dance!
I remember all those times we had crushes on boys.  And wrote songs about it.
I remember when we got stuck in a traffic jam, and wore our scarves as hats and rocked out like crazy.  

I remember that one time we stayed up until 4am to make a Justin Beiber video that everyone loves.
I remember all those times we slept in each others beds. 

I remember that one time I got baptized at your church.
I remember that one time that one song came on in the car. 

I remember that one time we watched Black Cinderella and tried to write down all those words in that song.  
I remember that one time we took pictures with those headbands on.  
I remember that one time I decorated your Hello Kitty headphones like candy canes and you kept it that way.
I remember all the boys and dates we've watched each other go through.  

I 'remember' all of the people who made me sad.  And how you helped me forget about them.  They got nothin' on you.
I remember those times we were honest with each other.
I remember those times where we ate honey on cheese.
I remember that one picture.
I remember the times that you were the only one in the world who could make me smile.  

I remember the times I had tears, and you'd catch them.  And how you always knew when you should say something, and when you should just let me cry.  Somehow you just always know the words.  And you know how to motivate me.  And make me smile through all my hours of math homework.
I've never experienced a friendship like ours.  It's weird to say that such a great friendship is possible, because life has shown me that it's hard to come by.

You're flawless, godly, beautiful, loving, considerate, determined, responsible, b.e.a.utiful, and the closest to unconditional I've ever seen in a human.  Which is pretty darn close.
I seriously cannot believe God gave me a friend such as you.
We got chemistry, bayb.  Ain't no question about that.
Thank you, thank you for being all that you are.
I'll love you as long as 8 lies on its side.  

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