Monday, June 14, 2010

8 Hours of Monopoly. Is That Possible?

This past weekend I went to a cabin with my family. Is was a nice relaxing weekend full of games and a little water. I took out the kayak two of the days. Man, now that is a good arm workout. When I'm older and have a cabin, I want to be sure to have a kayak to work out my arms and a paddle boat to work out my legs. I think that would be a pretty awesome work out. Speaking of having a cabin, I told my sister that we need to have a cabin. If my husband is richer than her and Dan, I told her I'd buy it., but if they're richer, they can buy it and I'll buy the kayaks.

We started a game of Monopoly around 6 on Saturday. Longest game of Monopoly I've ever played in my life. My sister and I don't usually make it very far. The game started going and pretty early I got Park Avenue, buy my mom had Boardwalk. And we all know that Park Avenue isn't much without Boardwalk. My mom also had two railroads that I really wanted to add to my collection, but she wouldn't give them up. Anyway, around 10pm she goes bankrupt. And since it was my doing, I was rewarded everything she owned. Eventually I put hotels on all of my properties which... is pretty pricey when you stay a couple nights at the Boardwalk Hotel. Anyways. My sister had to sell all of her property and then she gave me the six dollars she had left when she was sick of playing. Then. Dan went bankrupt by 5 dollars short when he had to pay my dad. So. My dad had a lot of property. We finally decided to call it quits at 2:30 am. My dad had 6000 dollars and a lot of property. I had 9000 dollars and some property. So I guess it depends whether you value property or money as far as who won goes. But if we would have gave it a few more hours, the probability was more on his side.

I started reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. I think I'm gonna stop reading it. It makes me think about the past and having someone and I guess I just don't have energy to do that this summer. But I'm totally fine with sticking to watching Season 5 of Bones on my ipod. In fact, that would probably be more enjoyable anyway. But, props to you, Nicholas Sparks, for always writing excellent works.

My cousins baby is here for 3 weeks. My mom is watching her during the day. She's the cutest baby ever and I know how people can fall in love with babies so easily now.

  • Stephanie Dawn is driving my way as we speak. Gosh am I excited.
  • My dog is sitting on my shoulder right now. Like a cute little bird.
  • My friend, Andrea, had the best dream in the world the other night. We snuck into a science convention with Bibles and that's about all I can say. But I love her and miss her terribly.
  • The study of stupidity is called 'monology'
  • It's nap time.

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