Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Here's My Opinion.

Here's my opinion on Caribou Coffee: Top Notch. I got a blended peppermint mocha and my sister got a strawberry banana smoothie. They were both almost surprisingly delicious. And the guy taking orders was super good looking. And they ask for your name to call when your coffee's ready, and my sister said when he was like, "May I ask your name?", I should have said, "Yes. Megan. Could I ask yours?" Now that would have been clever. Not to mention they have the cutest (not over-priced) coffee mugs and the cleverest cups and napkins.

Here's my opinion on laptop warranties: They suck. And I know we tell the little kids at daycare not to say the 's' word, but laptop warranties call for it. There's always these dumb little hidden fees. "If it's an error with the driver or hardware, that's covered, but if it's a software problem, I'm sorry but you'll have to pay one hundred and thirty dollars, ma'am." Get. Real.

Here's my opinion on being lazy: Decent. I think that four days of being lazy is about the perfect time to be lazy. But as far as leading a life of laziness, well, that's just not for me.

Here's my opinion on talking animals: Creepy. I hate all those movies with talking animals. I just don't think it's right. With the exception of 'Ratatouille'. That's a cute movie.

Here's my opinion on eggs: Delish. Not only do they taste wonderful on a piece of toast with cheese, but they are a wonderful source of protein.

Here's my opinion of watching four seasons of a show in three days: Embarrassing. But if said person is watching four seasons in three days during said persons commitment to four days of laziness, I would say that this 'person' should not be so embarrassed, yes?

Here's my opinion of walks with my sister: Laughterful. Yes. I made that word up, but I'm not sure how else I'd define it. We walked for 40 minutes and laughed for almost every second of it. Not even sure what the laughter was caused by, but laughter doesn't really need a reason.

Here's my opinion on my day: One for the books.

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