Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Only Get 3 Warnings On The Go-Cart Track.

The Great Loss occurred again today., which means that once again, my computer has managed to delete all music off of my ipod. Also, there's a humongous annoying fly that's been flying around in my room for a good couple of days. Maybe I'll just give in and name him and call him a pet. Alright. Now that I got all that complaining out it's on to the good stuff.

Tuesday I went to Mt. Olympus. Jennaswan and I both got quite sunburnt. Hopefully it will soon turn into a golden tan. I went on the go-carts, one rollercoaster, a couple of water slides, the wave pool, and the lazy river. From this I discovered that I really am not fond of wooden rollercoasters that have all that drop-down-fast stuff. And from this I discovered that I'm not what most would call a thrill-seeker. A few of my friends (mainly the Clouse brothers) are what I would call thrill-seekers. I don't do that. I guess I'm more content with just relaxing and being in my comfort zone. And some think that's bad., not being able to go out of your comfort zone much. But I guess I don't mind it much at all. This Mt. Olympus trip was with my youth group, and on the bus ride home this little boy said "You know what I said the first time I went on the Cyclopes? I don't know if I'm just scared or dead!" Precious.

I had another thought walking around the water park. I'm really bad at judging age. I think most people judge age on how much make-up a person wears. That's probably why people think I'm young all the time., because I don't wear pounds of eye shadow. And as far as guys go, I think I can usually guess their age pretty well. Sometimes. Speaking of guys, I've really wanted a boyfriend lately. Not actually want one, but how girls get when they just... want one. Just for like the past couple of days. This too shall pass.

  • The Great Loss resulted in the loss of Mumford and Sons, whom I really love.
  • I feel like I always have stuff to organize.
  • I'm about to see Toy Story 3 with Calvin. Gosh I'm excited.
  • About 70 percent of Chinese students who leave to study abroad don't return. Did I not say before that I'd hate to live there because of that whole not allowed to wear ponytail thing? Duh.

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