Sunday, June 6, 2010


Today after church, I came home to find my mom, dad, and sister moving beds around. This included the new queen bed we got from my mom's friend being put into my room. I must say, it's probably 8 steps up from the old bed. So. A bunch of rearranging went on. So, the comforter that fits this new queen bed is a baby blueish, which means that the tan walls that are in here right now just don't match very well. So. My mom and I went into town to look at paint. The color I want is Armory. It's a dark grey. I like it a lot. While we were at Menards though, I was distracted by all of the awesome colors of paint. I love the way all of those paint things look. I don't even know what they're called but they're the things that have like., 3 different shades of a color all on one little paper. So. I saw the row of all of these lined up and how the colors went from a teal all through the color wheel and back to teal. Gosh. It was beautiful. So. I decided to take one of each. I had to sneak them though because I didn't want the guy that was working to yell at me. Although, if he would have caught me I'm sure it would have been more work for him to put them all back then to just let me take them. Anyways. There were 59 things. And I really don't know what I'm going to do with them but hopefully I'll figure something clever out. I found a white color called Kiss Me Kate. So. I picked it up and wrote a letter on it for my friend Katie. I thought it was too fitting to pass up.

Tomorrow I hopefully need to wake up. I plan on starting the day of with a run before I have to go to work. I've just been way to droggy lately and I gotta do something this week to make me feel like it's summer. All this rain isn't really helping either. But tonight in this new comfy bed, I will hopefully not even hear alarm clocks.

The next song that will probably be put on my Do-Not-Playlist is 'Sleeping Sickness' by City and Colour. The lyrics aren't much for me to relate to but it has a pretty killer rhythm. Love it.

Now. I'm gonna go walk the dogs and then watch 'Did You Hear About the Morgan's' with my parents. And then. I'm going to bed extremely early. And it will be wonderful.

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