Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Got You Bayb.

One thing is for sure: God gives us people for the ups and downs. Some of the people he gives us are kind of a temporary thing. They come and go with the problems. But some of these people are a permanent thing. We come to the age where friendship becomes more than playing with play-doh and finger painting. Instead of learning our ABCs and 123s we begin to learn life lessons like patience and unconditional love. And with learning these life lessons, we learn to make life long friendships.

Blakeley is my life long friend. Not lifelong in the way that we've grown up from Day 1 together playing in the sand box and getting dizzy on merry-go-rounds., but lifelong in the way that we will always and forever be there for each other through any up and any down., whatever it may be. I haven't had many friends like her. She's the kind of person that can look at me and ask what's wrong before I even say a word. She turns my tears of sadness into tears of laughter in about .2 seconds. She can make anyone I know laugh for hours and she can entertain me with made up stories in different accents. She's got a heart that is big enough to care for everyone she loves and you will hardly ever see her down. Not to mention she is a godly woman and anyone would be blessed to have her around. She knows the things I hate like rude people, mushrooms, flirty girls or those people that flip their eyelids inside out. She knows the things I love like teal, dark chocolate, funny Tshirts and fried okra. She's pretty much the best friend anyone could have. Unfortunately for everyone else, a couple of her open friend spots have already been filled by my love.

I guess to wrap this up, there is no argument too big that could ever tear us apart. Everyday we will be there for each other and everyday we will care about what is going on in each others lives- whether we're in the same room or 5 hours away from each other. Friendship is love and I'm so glad we've got each other.

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