Thursday, June 3, 2010

Friends, Love and Ice Cream: a well rounded day.

So yesterday was a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. Well. The night only got better. And it seeped into today. Bible study was an eye opener for sure. Beth Moore study on Loving Well. Dang does God know how to open up your eyes when you think you've got things figured out. After the Bible study a few of us girls went over to a Tonya's house to watch 'Invincible'. Only rule for the night: no dissing Mark Wahlberg. Of course Tonya and I didn't even think of breaking that rule. Seriously., have you seen those biceps? But., some of the other girls of the house weren't so kind. But that was a good movie. After Tonya's we ventured to Jennaswans where we began our crazy adventures of the night/morning. First was to make four music videos. In crazy outfits. And when 3 a.m. comes around we all know it's time for a photo shoot. I mean., what else would someone being doing? Sleeping? Please. So there was a photo shoot and then finally bed time. In the morning I lazed around and chatted with Jennaswan a bit. Edited some pictures and shared some music. Which I just lost by the way. Because apparently I told itunes to wipe out my whole ipod. Oh well. I'll get over it soon enough. Back to my day. I really love Jennaswan. She has such a wonderful heart. Not to mention she's model gorgeous. I just love her. After that I came home, walked the dogs, and headed to Carly's to watch So You Think You Can Dance. Gosh those people can move. That was good quality time with Carly. Now Carly. She is just such a fun lovin blessing in my life. But I sure do miss the good ol' days when we didn't have jobs and we weren't busy and we could lounge around together all day and all night. But I guess growing up has it's advantages too. Then off to work from 3 to close.

So, Beth Moore really is a woman of God. In the Loving Well study she talked about the different types of people we love. We've got people who are a joy to love. They're called Joy. We've got people who are testy to love: Testy. There's those who we hate and despise: Foe. And finally there are those people in our lives whom we don't even really know are there. They're kind of like strangers. They're called Far. Well. Immediately I thought of my joys. First ones that came to mind: My family, Blake, Niqui, Carly, Jenna.. and the list goes on. I've got some solid and plentiful 'Joys' in my life. Testy. Yes. One in particular came to mind. And I think this one is the whole purpose that God placed me in this Bible study. He sure does know how open my eyes and I just cannot wait to see what he has in store for that. I guess I'm ready for the challenge. Foes well, I couldn't think of anyone that I hate or despise. And the Far- we've all got people in our life that we don't even realize need our love. And the most awesome thing is that God brought one of my 'Fars' to my attention tonight. I tell ya. I just cannot get over how awesome that God is. I just love the guy. But yep, I'm really excited about this Bible study and where it goes. Especially if I've learned this much already.

  • I am about to Skype with Nikweeta and I'm certain it will be like topping my day with a cherry. The sweetest cherry ever.
  • I'm listening to Glee Volume 3 right now. Wonderful? I'd say so.
  • Lady Gaga used to be normal. What?
  • A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 ft tall child. Now that's a thought.

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