Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Grama Loo!

Today was a pretty grand day. Swimming at Tiff and Britt's, then making funfetti cookies and converting a bunch of wonderful youtube videos to songs. Then I went for a walk while I talked to my sister on the phone and then it was quality time with Kyah Jo at Target, Starbucks, and my house. Then Culver's with grama and grampa and finally a skype date with Nikweeta. Wonderful.

Today is my grandma's 86th birthday. And let me tell you, is she ever precious. Her and my grandpa have so much love for each other. I think that young lovers could learn a lot from my grandparents. How to love someone so unconditionally. It's the cutest. Also. My grandparents smile a lot. And I love it when my grampa laughs. And my grama always winks at me from across the table. We were chatting and she looked at me and said "You look more like your sister than you ever used to." And then I think she felt like she was telling me that meant I was less pretty, so she says, "But that means that you are still pretty. Because you're both pretty." And she smiles. And then I say, "What if I look like my dad?" and my dad says, "Then you're pretty lucky." I just love being surrounded by clever people who love me so much.

Last weekend I confessed to my family how when I was little I remember feeling left out because of my middle name. My family's middle names are Lee, Lenore, Lynn, and my dog even has the middle name of Luv. My middle name.. is Jane. And I always hated how I was the only one who didn't get an 'L'. My dad told me that it's apparently because I'm so special. I said., nice try dad. But I'm good with it now. I like my middle name. But I remember I used to be so sad about it. It's so funny what matters to us at different times in our lives.

The human spine flexes 100 million times in fifty or sixty years. That's kind of gross if you think about it.

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